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Our Friends

We’re very lucky to get to know some awesome businesses. Here are our favorites!



Pbrry is a new app for coffee enthusiast for finding new coffee, logging what you love, and sharing what you love with others. We’ve been lucky to work with the Pbrry team throughout their private and public beta and regularly recommend their app to our customers. We are very excited about the prospects of Pbrry and can’t wait see how the app grows.

Speaking of which, have you logged our coffee on their app? :-)


Smooth Rider

We met the team at the Heritage Farms Peninsula Flea in 2018. We were blown away with the quality and taste of their smoothies and got to talking with them. Not only are we fortunate enough to advise them on coffee related items (e.g. Cold Brew) but they also use our coffee in their truck and physical location. We are happy to know them and really excited to watch them grow. If you are in the Ohio City area, you should check out their new physical location!


Wood Thingamajigs

We met the team at Wood Thingamagjigs in the summer of 2018 and immediately fell in love with their handcrafted wood products. We truly love the handcrafted style they bring and we are proud owners of a few of their pieces in our Ohio home. We run into them at local markets all the time!